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We are seeking to find a film team that exudes professionalism, creativity & vision.  

We will be undertaking a project of 6 short videos for a national campaign that will be featured on Television Jamaica (TVJ).


These short videos will be based on the:

embodiment of LOVE (ing)

embodiment of CARE (ing)

embodiment SHAR(E) (ing)

We are seeking to find a CREATIVE team that will be able to bring our vision to fruition.

The selected film team will work with our team to create storyboards that will be easy to translate into video form.



> Must have previous experience producing content for media

> Must be able to provide a portfolio of previous work

> Must reside in Jamaica

> Must be able to recruit necessary talent and manage all logistics involved in the production

> Must be able to complete full production within set timeline (Pre & Post)

> Must be able to utilize modern filming techniques; eg. drones, digital formats etc.


Interested persons must submit their letter of interest to along with a link to their portfolio.


After initial contact, shortlisted applicant(s) will be required to submit a proposal


Any questions about the project can also be directed to above e-mail. 

Stationary photo


Are you creative? That's a requirement.


Another must have requirement!

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